Barclays Merchant Account

Barclays have a number of options to help you trade online. Managed by their Barclaycard Business division you can either use their systems or integrate the payment process into your own website.

Barclays Merchant Account

Integrated card payment solutions

With the integrated card payment solution from Barclays the merchant is responsible for creating and hosting payment pages on their own website. The client never leaves your website and any back office functions are much easily performed as all responses are fed back your own website.

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This type of merchant account requires the use of an external payment processor such as Protx or Worldpay. We are an approved solutions provider and always recommend them to our clients first due to their simple systems and competitive pricing system.


The advantages of an integrated payment solution include:

  • Accept all credit/debit and charge cards
  • Enhanced fraud control - you set up your own security rules
  • Seamless payment process - customer never leaves your site
  • Maintain branding
  • Simpler integration

What does it cost?

In addition to the standard set up fees and transactional fees you will need to set up an account with a third party payment processor such as Protx, Worldpay or one of the many other payment processing providers.

In addition to this you will need an SSL certificate from an approved provider such as Thawte, Geotrust or Verisign.

End to end card payment solutions

If you dont mind customers leaving your site and going to Barclays secure pages then this solution is ideal. You wont need to invest in an SSL certificate or worry about card security on your website as Barclays will process all your payments for you.

Your online store is linked to Barclaycard Business secure payment pages, they then capture your customers card details in real time. Barclays will then process the transactions with the bank, handle settlement, and provide you with online management information and regular statements for all your online transactions.

Transactions are usually paid into your account within 3-4 days.


The advantages of an end to end payment solution include:

  • Accept all credit/debit and charge cards
  • No need for your own payment pages
  • No SSL certificate required
  • No responsibility for credit card data security

What does it cost?

Barclays charging structure is split into three parts - each of which is determinined on a number of factors including turnover, average transaction cost and whether the majority of your transactions are credit or debit card transactions.

Credit cards are charges on a percentage of the transaction value whereas a flat fee is applied to all debit card transactions.

  • A joining fee for new customers to cover the cost of setting up your account
  • An online solutions charge which is in two parts: a flat monthly charge plus a percentage of your transaction values
  • A transaction processing charge that is payable in addition to the online solution charge